Welcome to Pink Prosecco,
Welcome to Treviso

Buongiorno, welcome to the Pink Prosecco winery. Located in picturesque rural northern Italy, near the small city of Treviso — the capital of Prosecco country.

I’m Nick, an experienced Prosecco connoisseur working at the winery. My passion is all things Prosecco, so you can imagine my excitement at the news that Italy’s Prosecco Council has finally approved the production of rosé Prosecco. It has taken a very long time to get this law passed. The ongoing resurgence in popularity of rosé wine, and the huge international demand for a bottle of Prosecco, have certainly helped the cause. But this is about so much more than good business sense.

Why is now the time to enjoy Pink Prosecco?

Here in Italy, we take all matters food and drink, football and fashion very seriously. To pass the law to allow production rosé Prosecco, the Prosecco Council needed to be 100% sure the combination of 15% Pinot Noir and 85% Glera grapes would produce the kind of exceptional sparkling wine our region is known for. Of course, it passed with flying colours!

Where is Pink Prosecco Made?

We live among quaint stone-built villages where time seems to stand still, nestled in the picturesque valleys of the Dolomite foothills. Venice is on our doorstep one hour east, then it’s the stunning aquamarine of the Adriatic Sea. Heading west will eventually bring you to the hustle and bustle of Milan, the nation’s business capital.

It’s here, in 1881, that the first harvest of grapes began, followed by the Charmat fermentation process to turn those fruits into enough fizz to make a bottle of Prosecco. And then many more. Our approach hasn’t changed since that time. Grapes spend 10-15 years on vines that grow on flat, sun-kissed land. But we’ve always been about more than just putting a cork in beautiful bubbles. We see selling world class sparkling wines as a form of celebrating our culture, and we want to spread our shared love as far as we can.

Our master winemakers have been doing just that for almost 150 years, and Pink Prosecco is the latest part of their epic story. Its perlage and formulation make for a particularly iconic flavour, too; more than suited to being the world’s first bottle of Prosecco rosé to find a route to the thirsty British public. Packed with notes of apple, pear, and red fruits, it’s a perfect accompaniment to light pasta and seafood. Or, if you’re like us northern Italians, it’s the ideal drink to enjoy whether it’s a birthday or just the end of a workday.

How do you know if the quality is good?

We proudly boast the DOC label, which is only awarded to a bottle of Prosecco that meets the exacting standards of the Prosecco Council. The letters stand for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, or ‘Controlled Designation of Origin’. Only sparkling wine from our area in northern Italy can be sold with this status, providing it passes the taste test. I think this is a clear — or in our case, pink — sign of the incredible quality wine the region produces.


The Equalitas certification, obtained from the main Italian certification body, Valoritalia, officially positions our winery among the most virtuous firms in the sector. This certification offers a tangible demonstration of the importance that our winery has always attached to sustainability, especially in terms of safeguarding the extraordinary territory that hosts us: Conegliano, the heart of the Prosecco region now a World Heritage Site. Our winery occupies the 16th place in the national rank of the major producers of wine and ranks in the top 5 Prosecco producers.

Equalitas is a voluntary protocol, which wineries who aspire to implement, regulate and certify the strict procedures aimed at optimizing every effort made in the direction of sustainability decide to abide by. Equalitas imposes severe measures relating both to respect for the environment – by encouraging practices that respect water, air and soil – and economic and social sustainability.

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